Zakiya Abdulaziz

Mary England: Empowering Change and Enthusiasm at McMaster University 

Mary England, a passionate second-year engineering student at McMaster University, is a force for change and enthusiasm. Through her involvement in various initiatives, including the Cansbridge Fellowship, Covenant House volunteering, membership in the McMaster Materials Society, and the Integrated Biomedical Engineering and Health Sciences program, she has shown a remarkable commitment to making a positive impact on her community and beyond. This article delves into Mary’s experiences and endeavors over the summer and her plans for the upcoming year. 

Cansbridge Ambassador and International Experiences

Following her participation in the Cansbridge Fellowship, Mary now serves as a Cansbridge Ambassador. In this role, she plays a crucial part in expanding the program’s reach at McMaster University, enabling fellow students to gain international experience. By promoting the program to both students and faculty members, organizing informative sessions, and supporting new applicants, Mary actively contributes to fostering a global perspective within the McMaster community. 

Advocating for Homeless Youth at Covenant House

Mary’s dedication to addressing societal issues is evident in her volunteer work with Covenant House, where she organized the inaugural McMaster Covenant House Sleep Out to raise funds and awareness for homeless youth. The success of the event spurred her to plan a repeat for the upcoming year, showcasing her commitment to driving positive change in the community. Mary’s ongoing efforts, including various fundraising events and the creation of a Covenant House Club, demonstrate her determination to support homeless youth and inspire others to do the same. 

Supporting Students through the McMaster Materials Society

As a member of the McMaster Materials Society, Mary actively contributes to supporting students within the Materials department. By volunteering her time to organize events, offer academic resources, and facilitate communication between students and faculty, she enhances the academic experience for her peers. Mary’s efforts aim to create a collaborative and resourceful environment that empowers students in their academic pursuits and career development. 

Future Initiatives and Involvement

Looking ahead, Mary is poised to continue her impactful journey. As a member of the Integrated Biomedical Engineering and Health Sciences program, she plans to organize recruitment events, webinars, and provide guidance to incoming students. Additionally, Mary aspires to expand her involvement in the Gage Park annual Terry Fox Run, aiming to engage more students in fundraising and supporting critical causes. 

Mary England exemplifies the spirit of engagement, determination, and dedication to creating positive change within the McMaster University community. Through her involvement in various organizations and initiatives, she consistently demonstrates a passion for making a meaningful impact on society. As she embarks on the upcoming academic year, Mary’s enthusiasm and drive will undoubtedly continue to inspire those around her, encouraging others to join in the pursuit of positive change and social responsibility.