Wing Tse

2020 TFHA Alum

Current Position

Volunteer Positions

Wing is a member of the Markham Fire & Emergency Services Peer Support Team and Immediate Post Event Diffusing Team, responsible for relieving the mental stress of other firefighters after experiencing traumatic events.

Wing Tse’s primary focus lies in advancing research and practical support for firefighter well-being. Engaged in his honours thesis, he is conducting essential work for a community and government organization, tasked with compiling a comprehensive report on the challenges encountered by firefighters. This report endeavors to explore the intricacies of their experiences, identifying areas for enhancement while emphasizing organizational factors critical to their well-being and behavioral health nationwide. 

Wing’s investigation goes beyond surface-level scrutiny. He delves into the nuanced landscape of firefighter experiences, considering variables such as job demands, available resources, and diverse group dynamics, including differences in tenure, rank, and marginalized group status. By pinpointing both areas of concern and organizational strengths, he aims to offer actionable insights for frontline responders and decision-makers alike. 

Upon completing the educational report, Wing’s dedication persists. He intends to disseminate his findings through academic publications, fostering learning and development within the firefighting community. Simultaneously, he remains actively involved as a peer supporter and member of the critical incident stress management team, providing direct assistance to trauma-exposed firefighters. 

2020 Profile

Wing thoroughly enjoyed athletics during his time in university and played competitive baseball.


He also enjoyed going to Firefit competitions (at FDIC in Indianapolis) competing on an international level for firefighter fitness.

Wing, May 27, 2024 Recognition Event: Celebrating Recipients and Graduates

Pictured: Kirsten Fox, Katie Grahman, Helen Worth, Paulina Chow-White, Laura Dorling van der Oord, Kelly McCaul, Wing Tse, Armine Arslanian, Amy Tucker, Christel Mazzek, Holly Cornwell, Sandra Gordon, Eric Weidmann, Jamie He, Sarah Ginles, Diya Reddy, Shubh Patel, Toni Koshowski, Monica Tonlé, Phoebe Seely, Isabella MacKay, Kate Hunter, Geneva White, Kylie Dennis, Maryam Al-Sabawi, Machaila Wesch-Dawson and Isabella Bae. 

Pictured: Wing Tse with John Brassard, MP

Pictured: Eric Weidmann, Kylie Dennis, Toni Koshowski, Isabella MacKay, The Hon. Greg Fergus, Sarah Gingles, Phoebe Seely, Victoria Lui, Wing Tse and Paulina Chow-White

Wing at the November 2022, 40-Year Anniversary Event in Ottawa

Wing Tse in front of Terry Fox Memorial Statue, 40-Year Anniversary event in Ottawa, November, 2022.

Pictured: TFHA Program Alumni, Recipients, Board of Directors and staff.

Pictured: Kirsten Fox, Wing Tse and MP Chris Bittle