Zakiya Abdulaziz

Maïa Feki: A Dedicated Student at McGill University and a Dynamic Member of the Prime Minister’s Youth Council 

Maïa Feki, a dedicated and ambitious student at McGill University’s Faculty of Medicine, is making significant contributions as a member of the Prime Minister’s Youth Council. Throughout the summer, Maïa demonstrated her commitment to the council by engaging in a range of activities, including meetings, consultations, and leading her own projects. Additionally, her involvement with the Aire Ouverte project highlights her dedication to healthcare initiatives in the Outaouais region. As the President of the MDSA Outaouais campus, Maïa is taking on new responsibilities and demonstrating her passion for leadership and community involvement. 

Prime Minister’s Youth Council Involvement

As a member of the Prime Minister’s Youth Council, Maïa’s summer was filled with a variety of responsibilities. The council required diligent preparation for meetings through extensive reading and research. Maïa actively participated in discussions during these meetings and followed up with other members to ensure that the council’s objectives were met. Furthermore, various organizations sought the council’s feedback and consultations, which Maïa diligently provided during her personal time. Importantly, Maïa took the initiative to lead her own projects within the council, conducting thorough research to determine project metrics and drive successful outcomes. 

In-Person Meeting and Networking

One notable event during the summer was an in-person meeting held in August, requiring Maïa and other council members to be present in Ottawa for around four days. During this meeting, they engaged with prominent figures, including Minister Ien, Elder Commanda, and even the Prime Minister himself. The event demanded meticulous preparation and active involvement, with days filled with consultations and essential meetings. This experience provided Maïa with a unique opportunity to network and connect with like-minded individuals, including fellow council member Malena, enhancing her understanding and engagement with the council’s mission. 

Aire Ouverte Project and Healthcare Initiatives

Maïa has been actively involved in the Aire Ouverte project for over a year and a half, contributing to the development and metrics of a new healthcare center for youth in the Outaouais region. Collaborating with the Centre intégré de santé et de services sociaux de l’Outaouais, Maïa and her team worked tirelessly to bring this initiative to fruition. After the successful opening of Aire Ouverte, Maïa focused on advancing the project, particularly in the realm of social media. Regular meetings and extensive analysis of social media platforms were conducted to propose effective strategies for the project’s online presence and community engagement. 

Leadership in MDSA Outaouais Campus

Maïa’s leadership extends beyond her involvement in national projects; she also serves as the President of the MDSA Outaouais campus. In this role, she meets with the committee every two weeks to plan and organize various events for medical and dental students. These events include fundraisers, orientations, and exam week preparations, reflecting Maïa’s dedication to enhancing the academic and social experiences of her peers. As the President, she is also tasked with supervising committee projects and contributing to the planning of the annual med guide. 

Maïa Feki’s remarkable journey as a student at McGill University and her active involvement in the Prime Minister’s Youth Council and local healthcare initiatives showcase her dedication, commitment, and leadership skills. With a passion for community involvement and a drive to make a difference, Maïa continues to inspire and contribute to meaningful projects that aim to improve the lives of others. Her journey is a testament to the power of youth engagement and the positive impact it can have on society.