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After completing his Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Alberta, Eric Weidmann is now settling into his role on the merger and acquisition advisory team at PwC in Calgary while continuing volunteering with Kids with Cancer. 

A highlight for Eric during his time at the University of Alberta was his ability to continue with his volunteer work and focus on his education, a privilege that he is very grateful for. Seeing his peers juggle work and school and the impact their financial responsibilities caused gave him perspective and appreciation.  

Eric’s work with Kids with Cancer continues a decade after it began. He looks forward to their August sleep away event for families every year. This annual program gives 100 children living with cancer and their families a chance to enjoy a true camp experience with the reassurance medical staff on hand. This year, Eric is participating as Lead Councilor. He also continues his work with the organization by leading the teen program in Northern Alberta that offers 15 events to teenagers living with cancer throughout the year. The program enables children to build confidence and relationships, an aspect of healing that is often not addressed in traditional medicine. 

While he continues his work and humanitarian efforts, Eric plans to study for his CFA certification.  

He found that his role as a TFHA Scholar gave him an advantage in several ways. The biggest being that he was given the financial freedom to focus on his studies. He also found the award legitimized his volunteer work and opened conversations surrounding his humanitarian interests.  

Eric recognizes that his volunteer work allowed him to step into roles that he may have been underqualified for in a paid position. This granted him experience and knowledge that would otherwise not be afforded to him. He encourages young people to pursue volunteer work, not only to help others and impact local communities which is in itself rewarding, but to be given the opportunity to advance their skills and abilities. The experiences he was given as a volunteer were much more beneficial than he realized at the time, and he encourages young people to take advantage of the benefits their volunteer work provides them.  

2020 Recipient Biography

Eric Weidmann


Eric Weidmann was only ten years old when he was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor that sent him into 15+ seizures a day, requiring him to undergo major surgery. His early life experiences, including seeing his sister diagnosed with a rare brain cancer, inspired him to give back to others. A speaker, mentor, ambassador, and avid volunteer for Make-A-Wish Foundation, Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta, and Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation, Eric has also assisted in raising over a million dollars for the Kids with Cancer Society. He is the recipient of the Vimy Pilgrimage Award, a University of Alberta Chancellor’s Citation, and currently works at Families First Society as a Children’s Programmer focusing on family domestic violence and at-risk youth.