With the future of the Terry Fox Humanitarian Award Program in mind, 1987 TFHA alumna Carolyn Chin shares her thoughts on philanthropy to fellow alumni:

“As Alumni and recipients, we have all experienced the impact of receiving an Award. Nowadays, the cost of an undergraduate degree is so much more than it was 37 years ago. If we donated $50/month, we could raise the equivalent to the cost of over 20 Awards that are being renewed for four years. Imagine the impact we could have on these change-makers of tomorrow!”

Become a Monthly Donor

For over forty years, the Terry Fox Humanitarian Award Program has helped over 1,000 exemplary young Canadians pursue their dreams of making the world a better place. Although their paths differ, all have dedicated their time and energy to helping others. Like Terry, all demonstrated extraordinary courage, humanitarianism, and compassion in the process.

For many of these students, their dreams would not have been made possible without the Terry Fox Humanitarian Award. It was this $28,000 scholarship that allowed them to pursue higher education and continue their humanitarian work.

When you donate today, you are not simply giving to a scholarship. You are making someone’s dream of alleviating human suffering and improving the human condition a reality and are empowering them to make a difference in the lives of many others. Your contributions make more scholarships possible for applicants from diverse backgrounds and with unique stories from across Canada.

Terry Fox Humanitarian Award scholars represent the next generation of Canadian trailblazers and change-makers to carry on Terry Fox’s legacy, solving the most pressing challenges facing the world today.