Alumni Update – Halldor K. Bjarnason 1982 TFHA Scholar

Halldor K. Bjarnason

1982 TFHA Scholar

Current Job


Current Volunteer Positions

Life Safety volunteer with City of Vancouver

We have Terry Fox Scholars working in a wide range of fields, including medicine, activism, and tech. Do you have an area of humanitarian work you are passionate about? Tell us about it. 

Yes, I love helping the city of Vancouver prepare for wide scale disasters, like earthquakes.  As a life safety volunteer, I’ve been helping with Vancouver Fire Rescue’s Neighbourhood Emergency Assistance Team, the City’s Emergency Communication and Telecommunications Organization (“VECTOR”), and the City’s Emergency Social Services.


Since Terry ran his Marathon of Hope we have seen many new life-saving advances in cancer treatment. How has the humanitarian area you have worked/volunteered in changed over the years?  

With the increasing concern around potential earthquakes, there’s great thought going into prep.  As I age a bit, my involvement is moving away from the “hands on” responder work and more towards the legal issues around emergency response.


You are the first year’s recipient of the Terry Fox Humanitarian Award in 1982. How has humanitarian work impacted your life? 

It has made me consistently conscious of my obligations to serve others.