Alumni Update – Anita Elash 1982 TFHA Scholar

Anita Elash

1982 TFHA Scholar

Current Job

Founder of journalism and podcast consultancy, Freelance correspondent for The World from PRX

Current Volunteer Position

The Together Project: Mentor to refugees newly arrived in Canada

We have Terry Fox Scholars working in a wide range of fields, including medicine, activism, and tech. Do you have an area of humanitarian work you are passionate about? Tell us about it. 

I have spent my career as a journalist, working in Canada and abroad for CBC, The Globe and Mail, public radio in the U.S. and others. My focus has been public service journalism. I’ve examined anti-Indigenous racism, sexual misconduct in police forces, and patient outcomes in Canadian hospitals. 

In terms of humanitarian work, I’m passionate about working with newcomers as they adapt to life in Canada. I particularly enjoyed mentoring skilled immigrants looking for work and supporting refugees as they navigate the refugee system and adjust to life in Canada. 

I have also worked to promote international press freedom, as a board member of Canadian Journalists for Free Express. 

Community building is another big passion. I am founding coordinator of a community garden in my neighbourhood, which has brought together people of all ages and backgrounds and become a focal point in the neighbourhood. Neighbours regularly visit to see how our garden is doing and learn how vegetables grow.


You are the first year’s recipient of the Terry Fox Humanitarian Award in 1982. How has humanitarian work impacted your life? 

It has been incredibly enriching. I’ve learned an enormous amount about human nature and the world. Some of my closest friends are people I started out volunteering with.