2023 – 2024 Administrative Deadlines

Note: A condition of the award is to submit all necessary administrative documents in a timely manner. If you think a form may be late, please contact our office prior to the deadline to make arrangements. Additionally, students must keep us informed of all changes of addresses, universities, fields of study, and activities.

August 31, 2023 Summer Questionnaire due online
September 8, 2023 Fall Confirmation of Registration & Unofficial Transcript due online
January 5, 2024 Winter Confirmation of Registration & Unofficial Transcript due online
January 5, 2024 Application for Renewal due online
June 15, 2024 Official Transcript due by mail


Summer Questionnaire:
This online form requires you to answer questions regarding your recent and future volunteer work and extracurricular activities. Over the summer, it is expected that recipients will maintain a high level of humanitarian work.

Confirmation of Registration:
This online form requires you to provide your course registrations for the upcoming semester as well as any other sources of academic funding, including awards, subsidies and benefits. Additionally, we require an unofficial transcript from your institution, both in September and in January, to confirm that you are registered as a full-time student. Please note that your installment cheque will not be sent to your institution until your online form has been completed and your unofficial transcript has been submitted.

Application for Renewal:
While this award is renewable for up to 3 additional years or until a first degree is achieved, students must apply for renewal each year. This online form requires you to answer questions about your humanitarian work during the school year as well as provide a reference letter from a representative of the organization(s) where you perform humanitarian work so we can verify your activities. Please be reminded that humanitarian service is UNPAID and addresses a CRITICAL NEED in society.

Official Transcripts:
We require an official transcript at the end of the academic year once ALL your final grades are in. These validate your registration and satisfactory academic standing. Official Transcripts must be unopened, sealed by your university/institution, and mailed to our office. Official e-transcripts provided from your university through services such as MyCreds or Parchment are also acceptable. Emailed and faxed copies of your transcripts are considered unofficial and do not satisfy requirements when an Official Transcript is requested.

We realize that various factors can impact when official marks are released by institutions. If you are unable to meet the deadline for your official transcript due to external factors, please contact our office prior to the deadline.